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Christmas is my favorite holiday! It’s almost as if the world turns into a chaotic world of sparkle and I love it! Sure, you have to wait in an hour of traffic to get anywhere but, my heart is filled with joy. I can’t help but to let in two, three, ohhh go ahead, four cars in front of me because I am in the Christmas spirit!

Here is a list of a few things that make this season and holiday magical for me!!

Christmas lights! Wouldn't it be just sublime if our world was ALWAYS lit up at night! Like the Eiffel Tower!

every year my husband and I buy each other an ornament. Disney is always close to our hearts as we went to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon!

baking! this is something that is new to me now that I am married! So much fun!

mmm, I love snuggling up together with some hot chocolate on a cold day!

The Nutcracker! My mom and I go every year. This year my husband and his parents came too! It was wonderful!

watching Christmas movies!

snow days!


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Sweet November

November has always been a magical month for me. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is my birthday month. It feels as though it holds a fresh beginning and also an end at exactly the same time. Just when you might feel sad to say goodbye to all the memories made within the age of the past year; you’re saying hello to brand new memories and embarking on new adventures. That to me is exciting!

I don’t think the magic strictly consists of my birth though. There is so much beauty in the month of November. Today as I was driving home from my lunch break I caught myself gazing at all the beautiful colors in the trees. I had to remind myself to look back to the road before the leaves drifted me to a head on collision! Nature truly is at it’s best during this month of Autumn.

But, my adventures and nature would not be anything without the people in my life to enjoy them with. November’s best quality is that it always seems to bring everyone together. Holidays that require businesses to shut down, families to come together, friends to fly in that I long to see.

November seems to warm my heart even on the coldest of days.

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A Charmed Life

You know when your day just isn’t going as planned and stress seems to seep into your every breath? Don’t you love the lovely reminders that someone loves you? Or silly memories to make you laugh and remind you that it’s only just a day.

my husband surprised me at work with flowers!

AND driving home from work…I caught this song on the radio…and call me crazy but it puts me in a GREAT mood! 🙂

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Here is a clip from one of my favorite childhood memories! I remember being glued to the television, giddy, and asking my mom if we could tape this! 🙂

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we slept in until almost 2!

we started Downton Abbey recommended by my best friend

my wonderful husband cooked me dinner

A perfect lazy Saturday spent with my husband. A little cleaning involved, but mostly a major case of the lazies!

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