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what a delicious and festive idea!

learn to make these cake pops at Dessert Impulse !!

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   There are many down falls to being a girl, I can state this from many experiences. One perk that I am thankful we possess is the ability to “dress up”. Ever since I was a little girl, I personally have been drawn to things that sparkle! When I walk into a store and see something glittery, it instantly catches my eye. This doesn’t always mean I fall in love with this sparkly object, but it does catch my eye! (I don’t want you to think I’m too Lady GaGa over here!)

I would have to say that my obsession was probably created somewhere around the Cinderella age. We can perhaps blame it on her magical blue-sparkle dress that instantly turned Miss Cinders into instant babe!

Now, I know that sparkles are not the appropriate attire for all occasions, but when the time is right, they can be mah-velous dah-ling! I especially like to break out the glitter for a girl’s night out. To me, glitter is fun, girly, and it makes me feel good about myself, like I could go out on the dance floor and be the next Beyonce if I wanted to! 😉 When I was younger, I used to only paint my nails with glitter nail polish if I felt overwhelmed with happiness. Aced a test? Polished those piggies! Cute boy finally smiled at me? Polished those half bitten nails! Sparkles have always represented happiness to me in a fun way.


I guess all that glitters…can be gold!

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